NEWS! WINNER in Literary Fiction by GIAYA….for novel: Another Island, Another Moon!

I am so thrilled to announce that I have just been named (tonight) WINNER in the 2021 Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards, in Literary Fiction for my novel, Another Island, Another Moon. I am still floating on cloud 9 here….This novel was so touching and just beautiful to write, and I have been told that it changed lives….that is a direct Quote!

May be an image of book and text that says 'Another Island Another Moon Dirly Laundry แอUISE 2021 Georgia Independer Author AWARD Nana Bell's Quilting Tales MLoreas Nebby SCHOOL Peggy Mercer H.O. The Dreams ofDemons WILDETYE TINY TINYBLUNDERS IGDISASTERS D BESTSELLER BOOK MARKETING SUCCESS Yestertime We Can Be Heroes 1 TIM RIORDAN Snakes Lovers HRI 3 Years of Recognizing Georgia's Indie Authors Sponsored by Southern Pen Books & Gifts ANNE LOVETT'


New Summer Novel, within the Week! The new novel, White Bird and Gold, will be out by end of First Week in June…so thrilled with this unique read. I am finishing it, polishing it, weeping over the manuscript now! Don’t miss it. I will publish the cover for you here in a few days, you can say you saw it first! It is destined to join the other “Big Daddy” books as a memorable bestseller! Check back with me in four days okay?

Contact me via FB or Twitter. I am on Facebook at Peggy Mercer Author and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/PeggyMercerBMI. Please follow me on both sites if you have time. I appreciate it!


Congrats to Heather Zumarraga, author of elite new business behavior book, The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture!

So happy to have had a wee bit of input into #FoxNews business rising star, Heather Zumarraga’s book recently published by HarperCollins as part of their leadership series. Title is The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture and the off the cuff, very conversational book is chock full of great advice for both male and female business managers and leaders. Anyone in a leadership position can benefit from this book. If you are a supervisor, teacher, work with others, please read this very helpful book. I worked with Heather on this book and helped to guide her through it’s development. She is not only a dynamite business savvy business world leader and rising star on #FOXBUSINES channel, appearing regularly on #Varney…but she is also a beautiful person, great Mother (Happy Mother’s day Heather Zuma) and wife and daughter, etc. Such a leader, congrats my dear friend!

**I firmly anticipate colleges and business classes even at the high school level, will include this book as required reading. They should. It helps to know how to dress, speak and behave around the opposite sex.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I have been missing my mom who passed her final exam, in 2008 and is now the “boss” in Heaven, working among other angels, lol.

Photo of my mom, below. Her name was Ruth and she loved books and took my sister and me into the wiregrass field, and while we watched the horses run, cows meander about, dogs chase rabbits, she read us glorious stories from books we came to Cherish. She taught me how to write my name on the wide planks of beautiful woods in the upper loft of the old farmhouse down by the river. She taught me how important my name was and said to me, “Dream big. If you want to become an author someday and see your name on the spine of a book you can do that. Read, sugar, read….”

“The novel, Another Island, Another Moon, changed my life,” said Lynn Barrington Pack, in reference to the summer 2020 novel.

I am hard at work on the summer, 2021 novel and the last offering is the book of poetry: The Faithful Poems Of Big Daddy Island (yes, more Big Daddy writings) and I think you all will love the chapter of Cinquains in that powerful book of poetry. The two books just mentioned were both bestsellers. I am so proud.

and I just wish I could say to my mom, “Mama, if you could see me now!”

I have had some trouble with my eyesight but am under the care of specialists right now, not as bad as it seemed, and I want to thank everyone for their prayers for GOD to protect my vision. HE has this! I believe…It’s working keep praying. I have some cataract surgery coming up and I look forward to seeing “straight:” and clear again! Thank you for your prayers. As we age, I think often of that saying, “Growing older ain’t for sissies” and I want to agree!

THIS WEEK, no major issues, I plan to get on here and tell everyone the title and gist of the new novel I am working on and loving. It will be out barring any earth shattering crises around here. (I say that with a sigh, because during the past two months time period, I’ve had to rebuild my water well, replace a Hot water heater, replace a toilet and get the septic tank pumped out, replace the bathroom vanity (sitting in a box on my back porch) and now replace my stove. I had to get a new refrigerator but I can tell you one thing, when it rains it POURS FRIENDS. I love you all. Look for the post about Wednesday for the new title and idea! I love you all…will post something very helpful for you aspiring writers also. I promise and my eyes maybe a little crossed right now but I will try!

YOU DO ALL KNOW we also had an EF2 Tornado pass over me, land a mile down the road, and tear the place up, two weeks ago. I spend some profound thinking time in the bathtub with the fur baby! Scary but I felt an ease come over me, as I knew people were praying for my safety….pic below of us in the middle of a Tornado…one of my worse nightmares come true but I was alright. I know my Redeemer lives!

Banana Republic survives ONE MORE TIME…talk Wednesday already!


What to DO about Block?

First of all, I owe you several articles. I KNOW THAT. Second of all, my right eye is better but I am dealing with some issues to the writing is slow right about now. Just to keep you on alert, I go back to the doctor next week and then the week after and have to deal with some cataracts. I don’t look for it to slow me down, MUCH….I am even now, with this going on, working on the SUMMER NOVEl, which is titled: White Bird and Gold…and which I will guarantee you, dear hearts, you are going to love….a small group of women gather on an ISLAND and yes, it’s BIG DADDY ISLAND on the coast of Georgia…for…..wait for it…wait for it….

And then there is something called BLOCK….

Now WHAT in the WORLD do I, Peggy Mercer, do when Writer’s BLOCK hits…..”I don’t know but I’ll ask her,” said the head tomato…because everyone who knows anything at all, knows that Miss Peggy loves her #ROSES and after hibernating all winter….those precious ROSES call her to awaken and come outside, dig, push, peel and prune and that is what I have been doing.

Some people call this Writer’s Block…when a writer goes for days without writing. I don’t call it that. I call it stopping to smell the #ROSES…and or taking some me time. I’m still gelling the ideas, don’t think I am EVER away from the writing…I’m just going at it different.

You must write some just about every day, if you have a deadline. Which I always do have a deadline. I never have block although I go for periods of time when I lose my energy. I lose my excitement for a chapter or a book I am working on. Not very often but stink does happen….so…what do I do.

I drift away, or go sit on my dock and waste time.

I waste time by reading #POETRY.

There I admitted it, I read poetry but not just any.

I read Tolstoy which is poetry to me, Faulkner, the best books every written…but mainly I read #POETRY….I read books that are 200 years old. I weep. I rejoice, I am broken and fixed through these readings. I get up and secret these books away into that precious Mahogany cabinet which belonged to my mother, and I wipe my eyes and go back to the computer and I am renewed.

I don’t know what you writers are going to do, as for me and my writing,

Poetry does the trick, said the head tomato. I love you all and will keep you posted as this summer novel progresses….and as my eyes get treated and healed. If you are a praying person, please remember me in your prayers. Prayer changes things! Love to all. Write on.


Free EBOOK, last night to get it! Get your copy now!

Get your FREE #KINDLE copy in Kindle e book format, of the new Spring Poetry

book, my No. 2 Bestseller on Amazon in Kindle E books, Poetry, THE FAITHFUL POEMS OF BIG DADDY ISLAND…it is on a free run to help people who can’t afford print copies! You can download this for free right now, to your KINDLE FIRE,

Oasis, Phone

or computer

and I guarantee you that you will love it, or I will write you a check for three million $$$$. What have you got to lose!!!!!! *joke…..please forgive me for being so very excited about these coastal, ocean, palm trees, marsh poems and I hope you can smell, see, envision, hear the ocean, the tides and connect with the forthcoming summer novel, which is introduced.


Spring Poetry BOOK just out!

I am thrilled to announce that my Spring collection of #POETRY has just landed safe and sound on #Amazon....The Faithful Poems of Big Daddy Island, including an intro to the summer novel, and poems in various formats that will EMPOWER you to deal is loss of a loved one, or disappointment in a broken heart, or shattered dream! The book features stunning writing, if I do say so myself, and will take you back to the 60’s old HIPPIE style works on McKuen, Joplin and other terrific writers and songwriters. I am happy, you can order one if you can, I will also be donating some copies. I will get some copies in here to autograph and mail, if you are interested in getting one that way.

Including the poems, Salute to Big Daddy, Preparations, The Wind Laid Down and many others that will move you to higher ground! Please share this good news…Although my time is extremely limited, I will work with you on your own poetry books. Dream big and ride the biggest horse in the field!


New BOOK coming Next Week! Beauty Book, so excited! YOLO….

Hi everyone! The new Book will be out mid week, next week I pray! Trying to finish the Beauty Book which is much anticipated by readers all over this dear USA! I’ve been working hard on a few projects but this one is foremost important and I am almost there! Stay tuned and don’t miss it. I plan to post the cover in a few days now so you can make plans to grab one.

Many THANKS TO EVERYONE for the Tremendous support and friendship during the publication and embracing of my newest novel, a love story for all time, Another Island, Another Moon. A special shout out to those wonderful people who blurbed for the book, and to the woman who worked on the book as editor and proofreader and content input, #VictoriaNeelyLanier of Amelia Island, Florida. Forever thanks to one of the characters, Brenda, aka Alona Lois for her total support of this story. Without her friendship and love I could not have written the novel…so, crank your engines and get ready now for the new book, the Beauty Book…yes it has an official TITLE, all will be up in a few days time. I hope you will think of

I am also planning for the exciting Poetry Club I am creating for everyone and anyone who writes poetry and wants to be published in poetry as a way to get their foot into the door of the publishing world….I am starting to plan some videos for this site and for You Tube and hope to have that up and running soon.

Come back to visit me in a few days to see the cover of the Beauty Book and guess what I am giving everyone for #Christmas? I am giving you the privilege of joining the Poetry Club which will become a phenom…and give our prizes and publish a book annually with YOUR Poetry in it! Details up in early #NOVEMBER so plan to join this now….I am designing t shirts and making a newsletter for aspiring poets to get published and grab their dreams!

Please follow me around on #TWITTER….at http://www.twitter.com/PeggyMercerBMI and on face book at http://www.facebook.com/PeggyMercerAuthor....

Praying for Everyone to make it during this horrible Pandemic, make it and h ang on because with the new Therapeutics and soon, vaccine, it will pass like all storm. I wish the best for you all…Write on my friends, write on!


Last Nerve Teaching Guide –new book to help those teaching kids at home during the Pandemic and or any other time!~ Full of great ideas, on Amazon BestSeller list and Hot New Release! Print and Kindle, get one Now


The Wild Adventures of Faithy

New children’s book popped up on #Amazon just this morning, so thrilling….a great read about a little girl who goes to visit her country cousins, on Easter week, leading up to Easter Sunday. One rather wild feeling adventure after another including a forbidden canoe ride on the river, finding a cat that isn’t a cat, running from a snake and seeing something that changes her life, young Faithy has a terrific adventure learning all about the country life! Written in an action packed style of hair raising adventure, with lyrical southern phrasing, this book will delight great young readers, anywhere from ages 6 and up. Primarily written for 2nd and up, the book is destined to become well loved with worn pages and a crippled spine….just what this author loves!


Welcome to New Ideas, Rare Content and Ideas Galore

Hello everyone, so thrilled to see my latest book: Last Nerve Teaching Guide make the elite Amazon Bestseller list and hang onto that chart so hard to break, the Hot New Releases List and still on there at no. 50 with this great book which can be used by Parents, Grandparents, caregivers or teachers in a school setting. Last Nerve Teaching Guide is for those of you who are out of ideas (not to mention your last nerve is thin) and looking for legitimate know how and ideas on how to succeed in teaching, which this is not your profession. How to work with your children and what to do with the ones who may be struggling in comprehension skills etc.

Hot News:

  • The book is available now, I appreciate those of you who want to learn and keep improving. My You Tube channel will launch soon and I will keep you apprised as to the time and date.
  • Forthcoming SUMMER NOVEL will launch in a few weeks, title is Another Island, Another Moon…this is the much anticipated novel spoken of in the BestSeller of a few months back, Big Daddy Island, Kumbaya, Come by Here….

**More News, I recently completed a ghost writing, editing job for a television personality. I loved the helping of this lady’s book. If anyone is interested in me ghosting for them or editing and guiding their book development please message me. have pen will travel!

Georgia Independent Author of the Year 2022! Yes…with joy I share with everyone —

May be an image of text that says 'Georgia Independerg Auther 2022 WINNERS Judith Highum Cathy Tully J.T. White John Doriot Susan Lindsley Katherine Wibell Peggy Mercer'

that I have been named the winner in Literary Fiction and also, Poetry for the books:

The White Bird and Gold (the second novel in the Big Daddy Series) and the introduction to that nove, a book of #POETRY titled The Faithful Poems of Big Daddy Island…I am beyond Thrilled…writing from the heart is my forte…and I take pride in the sharing of Christian values in these God based love stories and stories of great friendship.

Thank you to Vickie Bley and the Southern Pen Bookshop and the judges outside. Thank you to my readers who helped to make these books #Bestsellers on Amazon, they are still selling on Amazon and other sites. Or you can order a copy from me and just spend some happy days this winter reading!

GIAYA Winner in Literary Fiction!

Peggy Mercer was recently named the Winner in the Literary Fiction Category from Georgia Independent Author of the Year award, sponsored by Southern Pen Bookshop out of Atlanta (Morrow, Ga.) The elite award is awarded for the best fiction in the Literary Fiction category from the summer of 2020 through summer of 2021.

Peggy Mercer was the winner for her summer 2020 Novel,

Another Island, Another Moon, for which one writer had said,

This book changed my life!”

The book is available on #AMAZON or from the author! Please enjoy!

Halloween Book, out NOW: The Truth about Boo! Free download right now!

The Truth About BOO is just a Spooktacular little tale, clean, fun and chilly skeered,

about a black cat, who is afraid of Halloween! The photos used show the family,

The princess Chloe, the mama and the papa of the farmhouse, Shannon and Jon,

dressing up in their various costumes, the farm animals, tractors, you name it, the children Love the story of Boo!

BOOK is right now on Amazon and you must download for FREE as a gift to the children!…..they will eat this up and I urge all grands and parents to read this aloud and load to their personal #KINDLE readers so they can enjoy reading it themselves, over and over….the end, with a big BOO!

ALSO….roll the cameras:

I am working on the much anticipated PODCAST, posters will be ready this Monday and the filming will be done this week. My engineer will put this together quickly, he’s already waiting on the material. I can’t wait to share with everyone how to do the writing dream.

**Also, Master Class coming soon…computer was hit by lightning so I am just now up and running again…what a nightmare…(You can’t fool Mother Nature!) Stay tuned!

Writer’s Master Class

I will begin producing live videos in the month of September, one video per month. Feel free to take notes, continue writing on your own projects. I plan to take you through the main literary elements all books must have to succeed, and guide you through the entire process from choosing a subject or plot theme to tying up your loose ends, which some authors fail to do (and that’s a big no no!) OR boo boo, whichever!

The videos will be filmed all over creation. I will be traveling to Coloado and plan to film one out there or more, with the Rockies as backdrop. Maybe some ELK can walk by as we roll. I will post the live videos and you can save them and re study them. They will make a total difference in whether you become a bestselling author or whether you stay sunk down in the mud of Not Knowing how to do this, till you start waffling around like a fish out of water and NEVER KNOW…Now that to me, would be a sad sight indeed.

During this time I will also be embarking on a writing adventure for a new, major format….of which this new I will share very soon, exciting times.

I did get my eyes under the care of a Retina specialist and we are monitoring the macula, which the issue appears stable. Pray for my eyes, I can use all the prayers I can rake and scrape.

I am not sure of the date yet, of the first video but I can assure you that my videos will be your MOTHERLODE of writing guidance! I am a teacher, bar none. I am the best of the Best and can take names with the best writers in the world. My novel, Another Island, Another Moon showed up on the Amazon Bestseller list along side, Steel and others. I was in Hog heaven, I tell ya!

So stay tuned and stay revved up. Get your notebook out and wipe the dust off…we will be launching soon!

The White Bird and Gold

Book is a Hot runaway read….

Painting by Douglas, Ga. artist, Regina Coffee (used for front cover of novel!)

Book is a Hot runaway read….

So thrilled with the latest summer novel, The White Bird and Gold. It appears to be a hot runaway “best” of the projects and I can tell you that my whole heart was in the writing of the story of five ladies gathering to Big Daddy Island for an Empowerment retreat! One lady called me in tears and said that to this point, she had not really known deep down in her heart, that Big Daddy had died!

She was so thrilled with the ladies being on the coast, the scenes and the smells, that she said, “I feel as though I am right there with them….so hooked on this locale and planning a trip to visit this historical place!

One lady called me with a correction. Said she was not wanting me to “be offended” and I told her, “Look thank YOU and I need all the help I can get…please take notes!’ Call in all questions!

Please get your copy now. I have also sold two boxes from my home office! if you want a personal copy autographed please let me know. I will mail you one! Message me. I have another box on order that will be here in maybe a week. Get some and give for gifts.

I will be beginning my podcasts or live videos, still learning, bear with me…or I might says BARE with me!!! Funny girl here! I am going to help YOU write YOUR book, stay tuned and keep drinking that #JIMBEAM….you know we all need a little dose of gunpower to start our days off WRITE!

New Novel, out NOW, live on Amazon: The White Bird and Gold!

The White Bird and Gold

The 2021, summer novel, The White Bird and Gold just landed live on Amazon. I see also that if you order over 25.00 worth today which would be two copies or more, the delivery is free…delivery is very expensive so this is an excellent deal!

Here is a copy of the gorgeous cover, with art work by Regina Coffee, a local artist. I am thrilled with this fiction novel, and it is Christian based and oriented to the nth. This is a narrative novel about five ladies who fall in love with Jesus and stumble upon a desire to return to their faith roots. It is set on Big Daddy Island off the coast of Georgia, and so, more Big Daddy! I think the appearance of “quite a character” named Vestal and the boat ride are the highlights and then the barrier island with creatures! Ut-oh! Book is dedicated to Twitter friends and to the memory of some loved ones!

Please get copies and I will also have copies here in my home office and can mail out some autographed. My other novels have been bestsellers and I look for this one as well, to make that coveted bestseller list! Please let me know if you love this book!

I am making a video to introduce the book. Stay tuned!

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