Congrats to Heather Zumarraga, author of elite new business behavior book, The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture!

So happy to have had a wee bit of input into #FoxNews business rising star, Heather Zumarraga’s book recently published by HarperCollins as part of their leadership series. Title is The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture and the off the cuff, very conversational book is chock full of great advice for both male and female business managers and leaders. Anyone in a leadership position can benefit from this book. If you are a supervisor, teacher, work with others, please read this very helpful book. I worked with Heather on this book and helped to guide her through it’s development. She is not only a dynamite business savvy business world leader and rising star on #FOXBUSINES channel, appearing regularly on #Varney…but she is also a beautiful person, great Mother (Happy Mother’s day Heather Zuma) and wife and daughter, etc. Such a leader, congrats my dear friend!

**I firmly anticipate colleges and business classes even at the high school level, will include this book as required reading. They should. It helps to know how to dress, speak and behave around the opposite sex.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I have been missing my mom who passed her final exam, in 2008 and is now the “boss” in Heaven, working among other angels, lol.

Photo of my mom, below. Her name was Ruth and she loved books and took my sister and me into the wiregrass field, and while we watched the horses run, cows meander about, dogs chase rabbits, she read us glorious stories from books we came to Cherish. She taught me how to write my name on the wide planks of beautiful woods in the upper loft of the old farmhouse down by the river. She taught me how important my name was and said to me, “Dream big. If you want to become an author someday and see your name on the spine of a book you can do that. Read, sugar, read….”

“The novel, Another Island, Another Moon, changed my life,” said Lynn Barrington Pack, in reference to the summer 2020 novel.

I am hard at work on the summer, 2021 novel and the last offering is the book of poetry: The Faithful Poems Of Big Daddy Island (yes, more Big Daddy writings) and I think you all will love the chapter of Cinquains in that powerful book of poetry. The two books just mentioned were both bestsellers. I am so proud.

and I just wish I could say to my mom, “Mama, if you could see me now!”

I have had some trouble with my eyesight but am under the care of specialists right now, not as bad as it seemed, and I want to thank everyone for their prayers for GOD to protect my vision. HE has this! I believe…It’s working keep praying. I have some cataract surgery coming up and I look forward to seeing “straight:” and clear again! Thank you for your prayers. As we age, I think often of that saying, “Growing older ain’t for sissies” and I want to agree!

THIS WEEK, no major issues, I plan to get on here and tell everyone the title and gist of the new novel I am working on and loving. It will be out barring any earth shattering crises around here. (I say that with a sigh, because during the past two months time period, I’ve had to rebuild my water well, replace a Hot water heater, replace a toilet and get the septic tank pumped out, replace the bathroom vanity (sitting in a box on my back porch) and now replace my stove. I had to get a new refrigerator but I can tell you one thing, when it rains it POURS FRIENDS. I love you all. Look for the post about Wednesday for the new title and idea! I love you all…will post something very helpful for you aspiring writers also. I promise and my eyes maybe a little crossed right now but I will try!

YOU DO ALL KNOW we also had an EF2 Tornado pass over me, land a mile down the road, and tear the place up, two weeks ago. I spend some profound thinking time in the bathtub with the fur baby! Scary but I felt an ease come over me, as I knew people were praying for my safety….pic below of us in the middle of a Tornado…one of my worse nightmares come true but I was alright. I know my Redeemer lives!

Banana Republic survives ONE MORE TIME…talk Wednesday already!

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