Help for Aspiring Writers

I urge you, everyone who wants to write a book, to begin. Where to begin? I would suggest with an OUTLINE….can be a sketch, can be ideas, can be a structured outline. BUT I always OUTLINE my idea for a novel, children’s book or writing of any genre or style. Without an outline is like fishing with no bait…you won’t catch anything. I will post more on HOW to make a successful outline later.

Write knowingly! Write knowing how to Outline, what to include and when to stop…I wouldn’t just go on and on and on….beginning, middle and end for the outline…but during the outlining process I put in a lot of basic details and leave some space to add more later.

Details such as characters names, ages, particular habits that make them unique. Was approached this past week for a ghostwriting job and when I told the lady the fee she decided to wait a bit, but I told her I would guide her and help her if she would write it. I have time for major paying projects however. If you have the funds for a major ghostwriting job, then message me…My time is so limited. I spent six months on a ghost writing job last year for a major publisher, for a book that is due out in mid January 2021. I did good and I worked with the author pretty hard and she eventually did a great job, and I can’t wait to see her finished book. She will be proud! This type of work involves a ton of work and takes up a lot of my time, so I must limit my projects or I won’t get my own work done!

Thanks to everyone who bought and are buying copies of the new novel and most who are buying the “set”…the intro which is titled #BigDaddyIsland, Kumbaya, Come by Here…and the novel, #AnotherIslandAnotherMoon…I also have copies ordered for home office and will autograph and mail you one if you will send me the chickenfeed! I’m having a blast with this novel…doing it all myself. I can and will teach you how to launch your own project.

Get Busy with your outline and do it now and if you need my help please message me on FB or here.

More later, and how much later the later is I DNK…fingers crossed that it is this year????

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Writer, Bestselling Author, Ghosting, Pr and Marketing, Music, Books, Publishing --Consulting with Authors and Songwriters for book development, writing, all phases of music production. I work with people on their novels and book projects and will ghost, last project was for someone on a major news channel....I am the BEST!

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