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New Novel is out now and doing great. Listed in two AMAZON charts, Another Island, Another Moon is listed on the #HotNewReleases charts on Contemporary Literature and Fiction and on the chart #SouthernFiction…My novel is listed among such company as Danielle Steele, Ken Follet, Fern Michaels, VC Andrews and many more of the elites. Needless to say, this poor country girl, aka The girl from the River…is thrilled beyond my wildest dreams.

GREAT NOVEL NEWS for new novel! thanks to everyone. I love the feedback from readers. Please comment on the book on my FB page and or on my Twitter stream…Everyone who bought this book deserves and I hope will get, a big HUG from me (no mask!)

Another Island, Another Moon is the love story for the ages. THEY are saying “Not sense Bridges of Madison County” has there been written a book of such profound emotional impact! I am being compared to Coleho and others, makes me cry! The book first came out on the elite #Bestseller list, listed in “Family Life Fiction” and is on the top of the Hot New list.

THE prelude INTRO book to this novel, Big Daddy Island, Kumbaya, Come by Here is going great guns…Since it came out it has been on the Bestseller List numerous times and is RIGHT NOW on the Amazon Bestseller list at No. 28 in Kindle E books. I could not be happier. THE category is American Poetry…I am a poet at heart and these are coast island poems, you will see the Peridot and Emerald greens!

Alert…the Kindle edition of Big Daddy Island, Kumbaya, Come by Here is free for a week, be sure and get one downloaded to your Kindle Reader or other electronic devices…This book is the prelude or Intro to the summer novel, Another Island, Another Moon. I wept writing these two books and you will need a box of Kleenex. I cannot thank you all enough for loving me and loving my books. I am yours forever! I know there are those of you who cannot afford to buy food for your kids right now, much less books. I am therefore making the Kindle version for Big Daddy Island, Kumbaya, Come by Here, free for a week for your Kindle or I phone or smart phones. I want to share this book with everyone who loves a great love story, American poetry and prose and super good heart wrenching love stories. Based on a true story of a great love between three people. Inserting some excerpts. GET IT TODAY and let me know how it affected you when you are finished reading. Please know that I love you all for loving my writing through the years! Here is a sneak peek from Another Island, Another Moon

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Writer, Bestselling Author, Ghosting, Pr and Marketing, Music, Books, Publishing --Consulting with Authors and Songwriters for book development, writing, all phases of music production. I work with people on their novels and book projects and will ghost, last project was for someone on a major news channel....I am the BEST!

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