New Projects and Writing!

Hi Everyone!

I am playing around here and excited about new writing projects and ideas. My brain never stops turning up plots but this time, my heart is turning it’s own beats to the projects….which means I hope and pray, some real good writing! Remember, if your heart says write it, then write it.and it will be wonderful writing…if your heart is in it, then the reader’s heart will connect!

New writing projects A NOVEL which will be out in June! Yay…this will be my first novel for adults since the 1980‘s if you can believe it! I do have the book, a collection of stories for adults, called The Crazy Stories, on Amazon now for YA and adult readers and the stories were all bestsellers and then so was the collection, my first Bestseller! The new novel I am talking about will be a love story about three people, beautiful in spirit and I think you readers will not be able to put it down because I know if it makes me weep, it’s going to make you weep. Laugh with some odd moments and then think long and hard about those times and moments in life we got through that cannot be replaced. Nobody chooses true or real love, that real love chooses them….you might all it destiny; I do. You might call it meant to be; I do…and you might call it a story you will never forget; here’s hoping you do.

I have a working title and will let you know that soon…

MEANWHILE POEMS AND A BOOK TRAILER about the very above mentioned NOVEL will come out in the next two weeks before Valentine’s Day possibly if not shortly…I’m finishing it now…this will be a book small in size, page numbers, but full of the rich writing that will set the novel apart. THESE will be the poems that introduce the novel and a book trailer in the book of poems, ABOUT the novel. I cannot tell you how my heart beats fast when I talk about this novel.

My first novel was published in the 1980’s as part of a series from Avon Books, NY, NY, and was very well received, was eventually published in five languages, would have been six but the publisher in Russia didn’t like romances, obviously, go figure. Anyhow…the book was advertised (on a bed sheet) ta-daaaa….in Cosmopolitan Magazine and I loved writing the romantic suspense but wanted to focus the next few years on writing for children which I did with success. The new novel coming this summer 2020, will be in the genre of southern literary.

More info on the novel coming shortly in the book of POEMS…watch for it, please.

Following the Poems, within two weeks, will be the much anticipated Beauty Book, much excitement there also…many are waiting on these delightful and ingenious tricks of the country girl’s beauty trades to do with many facets of my life in the woods here…some great ideas to make your look and life much better! Ideas that will empower you and give you some mojo…and make you stop fretting so much, I HOPE!

So that is the news right now. I will be launching a blog as well as other ideas very soon, please stay with me. I’m going to be helping you jump the stick with your own writing and land a deal, improve in all facets of life and make for a better world, what on earth could be more enticing? Stay with this poorly constructed web site …and I assure you it’s going to turn into a Wild Ride…that will propel you into parts unknown and when they find you, you will want to ride again!

Yours so truly it hurts to admit it, Peggy Mercer.

Published by P e g g y M e r c e r

Writer, Bestselling Author, Ghosting, Pr and Marketing, Music, Books, Publishing --Consulting with Authors and Songwriters for book development, writing, all phases of music production. I work with people on their novels and book projects and will ghost, last project was for someone on a major news channel....I am the BEST!

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