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Hi y’all. This site is under construction so, please bear with me. I guarantee you that you will find great ideas here and enjoy the reads. My goal is to introduce to my newest book which is coming very shortly and share with you, previously published books and ideas on current projects that I am involved in and give you ideas for your own writing.

Because these old eyes have just about seen it all, I will be sharing this coming week with you, on Motivation for living the good life…I will announce my new book soon, right now it’s a big Secret.

I do want to turn you on, for your children, grand children and those students in your care, at school or home school or even Sunday School, a great little HALLOWEEN tale that I wrote that is being read and loved by early readers all over the world, as well as little rabbits with big ears, who simply love great scary tales! The book was written initially as a Kindle only but then gifted kids called me and begged for something they could “hold in their precious hands” so I put together a small book with photographs. If Random House wants this, I will consider, otherwise, the book is a hot seller worldwide, as it should be because it is totally CUTE, clean, good and fun, trick or treat smell my feet type of great memorable chilly willy storytelling. Get it off Amazon where it was a bestseller and I look for it to be again, in Children’s Scary stories. Title is (drum beats please) Moaf Cried Ghost and it is based on a non fiction tall tale about a ghost light (ghost) that appears in Cogdell, Georgia in the middle of the piney woods field. You know I am talking about good ole Berrien County where it starts out, well throw in Savannah, then go to Nashville, Ga. and out into Cogdell area. Get it off Amazon, I’m sold slap out. It’s also sold on Barnes and Noble and also at Wal Mart Online, as well as dozens of sites worldwide. FUN and cute, the kids will be on the edge of their seats, and knowing this tale is true, your own blood will freeze up till the cows come home! Get now and share with the kids for Halloween, the book is cheaper than a pack of good cigarettes and twice as much fun. In other words, don’t give those kids chocolate candy for Halloween, get enough copies of this little tale and hand out READING treats! (Send me the chocolate!) Have fun and let me know if you read this to them and they scream!

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Writer, Bestselling Author, Ghosting, Pr and Marketing, Music, Books, Publishing --Consulting with Authors and Songwriters for book development, writing, all phases of music production. I work with people on their novels and book projects and will ghost, last project was for someone on a major news channel....I am the BEST!

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